About the Clinic

New York Law School’s Securities Arbitration Clinic provides free legal representation to small investors who have suffered damages due to the misconduct of their stockbrokers and brokerage firms. Students, under the supervision of professors, advise clients at all states of the arbitration process and represent them in securities arbitrations before the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA). For most clients, the clinic serves as a last resort, since they would not otherwise be able to afford or obtain legal representation.

The clinic was established in 2004 with funding from the office of the New York State Attorney General. It is led by New York Law School Professor Howard S. Meyers. Professor Meyers previously served as an enforcement attorney for the United States Securities and Exchange Commission.

Students at the clinic have made a lasting impact in the lives of their clients, helping many aggrieved investors recover mismanaged funds. Some of their successes have gained attention from the media, with coverage appearing in publications such as the New York Daily News. Below are comments from some of the clinic’s past clients:

“Throughout the entire procedure, [the students] proved to be extremely knowledgeable, police, and caring. Ultimately my case was resolved . . . . Our country and our world will be in very good hands with young [persons] such as these at the helm.”

“Both [Professor Meyers] and the students we have dealt with have given us hope that we will finally be heard. We see light at the end of a very discouraging and dark tunnel. Both groups we have dealt with at the New York Law School Arbitration Clinic have been very courteous, kind, highly ethical, and professional. . . . Please know that we are extremely happy with the excellent services you have provided.”


If you or someone you know can utilize the services of the Securities Arbitration Clinic, please contact
Professor Howard S. Meyers at 212.431.2892.

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